Frequently Asked Questions

This novel event will understandably bring large curiosity, which we hope to address with the following list of questions and answers. Several details will continue to be added through event weekend.

The only required equipment includes a swim suit and goggles. The event will issue mandatory swim caps. Wetsuits are optional.

That depends, but likely quite a bit. Long-distance swimming of this magnitude requires quite a bit of repetition.

Yes. All swimmers will need to exit the water by 9:00 AM. Swimmers who do not meet that threshold, or who fail to make continuous forward progress will be removed from the swim course by staff.

Official event rules are TBD, relative to final permit requirements and total participants. The event will follow U.S. Masters Swimming sanctioning. Stay tuned.

Approximately 50 swimmers will be grouped into “waves,” relative to experience and estimated finish times. The four wave starts will span 6:45 and 7:05 AM.

Quite a bit. Prior to permit approval, the initial Safety Plan calls for more than 60 watercraft and 100 safety personnel. Participant safety is paramount, and this is a huge undertaking.

No, not if you’re a confident swimmer (although wetsuits keep swimmers incredibly buoyant – which makes for faster swim times). Estimated water temperatures will be posted soon.

Possibly. Relative to participant counts, additional tickets may be provided to friends, family and the general public. Limited VIP tickets WILL be available to event partners and sponsors.